Loran van de Wier

Artist and Cook

Loran Van de Wier graduated from the Art and Research department at St Joost School of Art and Design in Breda. He creates performances with foods, based on different processes and recipes for fermentation. Bacteria, molds and yeasts are invited to collaborate to this artistic process, which turns Loran Van de Wier’s work into an important reflection about time, nature, ecological survival and sustainability, food cultures and non-human relationships. Fermentation is a transgressive progress, since it is based on the transitioning from one state to the other. His installations require care and collaboration. For the choice of ingredients, farmers and food stories, Loran researches the local environment in which he has to work and uses locally grown products. For this installation, Loran collaborated with a farmer from Maastricht to get the necessary ingredients. Will you take a bite or a sip from his work, and become part of his community of fermentational and transitional beings?

Written by: Zeynep Kubat